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Customized solutions for our customers

Accurate and precise translation of written documents depends highly on the implementation of certain strategies and methods.  As Novitas, besides translation, proofreading and editing services, we also use such methods in written translations which ensure a consistent, constant and continuous quality cycle in translation. 

Our main priority is the expectations of our customers in our written translation services. Thus, for  technical accuracy of  our translations, we use  our comprehensive glossaries and database, which are developed with the input from our customers, as well as our research and past experience.  During our proofreading phase, which comes after the translation phase, we check whether correct terminology and language has been used for the specific customer so that we can guarantee the consistency between past files of the same company. Our editing services are mostly used for marketing translations and aims at identifying certain sentences or phrases which sound "unnatural" in the targeted language and making them more natural for  the targeted audience.

Optionally, our DTP team performs formatting/designing work on your documents (pdf conversion, filing, table formatting, header, footer and footnote formatting, indexing etc.) based on our specialty fields in formatting and designing. Through DTP service, we deliver your documents in a ready-to-use format.

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