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A summary of our translation process:

1. Pre-work:

For each proposal, the project coordinator puts together a team that will consist of the same members, while this team will undertake all proposals from the same company. This ensures language consistency and fulfillment of general expectations for the customer. The teams have different fields of expertise such as technical, medical, marketing, legal or automotive translations.

Project managers organize a preliminary meeting with the customer for the general and project-based terminology and determine the terminological preferences of the company after submitting the glossary prepared by us to be approved by the customer.

2. Translation phase:

The project manager will coordinate the analysis of the source text. The customer will be then informed of the size of the text, approximate translation fee and delivery date.

Following the approval of the customer, the translation standardization process is performed: consistency in terminology and language, use of abbreviations and measurement units, proper names and institution names in the target language etc.

The text and all related standardization guides, glossaries and databases are sent to the translator team.

The text received from the translator is reviewed by the editor in terms of the terminology and context and then submitted to the formatting team. Formatting is done in line with the customer's requests.

The work is delivered in the desired format (print out, CD, etc.) on the agreed date.

After the delivery, feedback is accepted from the customer and this feedback is shared with the translator team for guidance in future translation projects.

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