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Customer-focused service

We at Novitas strive in customer satisfaction and are ambitious about fulfilling our customer’s needs. We believe that we can make a difference with our translation services, with our customer-oriented working methods, outstanding quality, varied and high level services that are defined by our customers’ needs and expectations. This all starts when you reach out to us with your requests. 

We satisfy our customers with the following attributes:

-   With the background we have, we understand you well.
Especially before large projects, we understand your expectations by visiting you in your office or by reaching you by phone, and we share with you the services we are planning to render.

-  In addition to our standard processes, we provide added value to your company.

For successful completion of your translation project, we use certain systems and do certain researches; through these means, we introduce new concepts and new methods to you depending on your project, with the aim of going beyond your expectations.

-    A feedback cycle is used in all projects.
To us, "customer expectation" does not only mean certain criteria, but also means subjective criteria of that specific customer. We integrate these expectations in qualitative systems and measure your satisfaction after the completion of the project; if we detect any improvement areas, we perform additional after-project studies.

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